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East West Karate Columbus Has Martial Arts Curriculum For Any Person Of Any Age… For Life Skills, Self-Defense, Amazing Fitness and much more.

So, you’re interested in learning karate? Then we PERSONALLY INVITE you to come out, see and join Georgia's Columbus East West Karate and Martial Arts. This is an OPEN INVITATION for you to learn the best martial arts instructions anywhere with highly skilled and trained martial arts professionals in a setting that’s both comfortable and relaxed.  Our accommodations are explicitly intended for several things:

1 – Rapid, efficient learning
2 – Enjoyable classes
3 – Completely delightful experience

What Do You Learn With Our Instruction?

The best thing about our karate instruction is that it’s geared toward any person of any age of any level who is looking to learn or expand their knowledge of martial arts. Our professionals are dedicated to help all students learn and master martial arts as well as improve their self-defense and physical fitness skills. Our classes will deliver an entire martial arts training in a useful and strategic self-preservation system. You’ll get:

1 – Worthwhile everyday self-defense (to be applied when it’s absolutely necessary)
2 – Fundamentals of both aerobic and anaerobic origins
3 – Stretching and conditioning
4 – Overall fun

Martial Arts Your Way To A Black Belt…Inside As Well As Outside

The programs we have here at East West Karate In Columbus, GA focus on every aspect of it’s participants. We believe martial arts is all about making you over inside as well as outside. That means you’ll become a black belt INSIDE your body as well. You’ll become fit physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

And, regardless of how busy your schedule is, you will find a class that’s PERFECT for it. We have classes for children and adults. We also have special classes and events that include but are not limited to:

1 - Seminars on bully proofing
2 - Workshops on self-defense and self-preservation

Our Staff Is Marvelous… You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For Them

The staff with East West Karate is completely wonderful and each one has been trained professionally to teach you the physical curriculum we have laid out. They’re also trained to assist in the development of children’s CORE VALUES such as:

1 - Courtesy
2 - Integrity
3 - Self-control
4 - Respect
5 - Patience

Each child who has trained here has told us that they have experienced an improvement in their self-control and self-respect. They also have said they’re constantly trying to improve themselves. These martial arts students are proud to have such an UNCONQUERABLE spirit that has led to success in every other aspect in their life including their personal, work, school and home lives.

What about you? Do you want to experience this kind of success in your life? If you answered yes, you know what you have to do.

"Our daughter Julia started the program at East West Karate when she was only 3 years old at her daycare, Joyful Journeys. We were so impressed to learn that this school had taken traditional karate instruction and customized it for younger children. Our normally very outgoing child stood in the corner for 3 weeks and did not move a muscle. Suddenly - 4 weeks later it was all she would talk about and 6 months later began to "recruit" her fellow classmates into the school.

Jason is a fantstic instructor and knows the personality of each child in the school. He emphasizes caring, discipline, and the characteristics of black belt both inside and outside the school." Amanda Jones

You need to get in touch with us at East West Karate located here in Columbus, GA to make a change in your life. It doesn’t matter what goals you have. It doesn’t matter if you just want to learn self-defense or if you want to become self-disciplined. We can teach you everything you want to know about martial arts so that extends it into other aspects of your life. Whatever you’re looking for, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU GET IT!

We have helped many people better themselves and we have numerous stories of their success. We would like to be the reason for your success too! All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 706-507-6000. One of our professional staff members can help you get started with a FREE TRIAL PROGRAM. This FREE TRIAL PROGRAM is designed so you’re out nothing in case we’re not the school for you. But, what you’re going to find is that we ARE the school for you!

We’re Ready For You To Call Us and Join The Program! We want to help you be all you can be… and then some! We’re ready to see you walk through our doors.

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